ARIVE platform partners with BEMG subsidiary

ARIVE, a mortgage marketplace platform, has teamed up with Beta Music Group’s (BEMG) operating subsidiary Get Credit Healthy and with the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) to equip independent originators with the connections and tools they need.

ARIVE is a platform that offers a unique mortgage marketplace designed to give independent mortgage originators access to lenders, borrowers, and third-party vendors.

BEMG CEO Elizabeth Karwowski said the partnership with ARIVE would deliver “one-click access to a host of credit services and solutions” to help several independent mortgage originators on the ARIVE platform. Karwowski said they expect to grow their client base and revenues through the partnership.

“Today’s fiercely competitive financial services market challenges originators like never before,” BEMG said in its announcement. “Heightened pressure to create new loan opportunities, reduce prospect lead fallout, and provide better pipeline visibility poses a significant burden on independent mortgage originators. To thrive under these market conditions requires a revolutionary new solution that transforms a currently untapped market into a well-qualified, well-informed applicant pool. Get Credit Healthy converts fallout into funded, helping independent mortgage originators close more loans while providing them with a significant competitive advantage.”

ARIVE has multi-year contracts with a network of over 20 wholesale lenders, including United Wholesale Mortgage, Caliber Home Loans, Stearns Lending, Flagstar Bank, and Home Point Financial. Combined, these lenders make up nearly half of the wholesale market share.

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