Wooden Flooring: Classy and Practical

Home is a feeling more than it being a property and it should well reflect your personality and style. As they say, it all starts at the ground level, therefore the flooring of the home plays a major role is setting the style and theme of your living space. There is a mind boggling variety of options for the flooring of your house nowadays; Italian marble, granite and other stones, to tiles, wooden flooring and laminates. The classiest choice continues to be the wooden flooring, apart from it being warm and cosy at the same time. Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a wooden  flooring.

Go in for darker shades

The darker shades are easier to maintain since they conceal dust and stains a lot better and therefore are especially advisable to use in busy areas. They also give a very vintage and rich look to your living space. What needs to be taken into consideration here is before going in for the wooden laminates, one has to ensure that the surfaces are flat and free from any seepage and moisture. Choosing a darker colour of wood also offers more scope for contrast with your furniture and other furnishings, giving it a striking look and feel.  Also, it makes the room appear bigger than its actual size.

Wooden Flooring

Benefits of hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring offers a high impact resistance and better acoustics. Furthermore, it is a breathable material, so to say that it has natural pores visaviz other flooring. Hardwood flooring is also more sustainable in terms of it being long lasting and less prone to chipping and damage. Therefore, it works out more economical and delivers value for money.

Benefits of hardwood flooring

How is it priced?

As per pricing, the wooden laminates are the cheapest amongst the wooden flooring available in the market. The range is anything between Rs 120-450 per sq ft, followed by China made laminates available at Rs. 200-650 per sq ft.  Hardwood flooring starts at Rs.650 per sq ft and goes up to Rs 5,000 per sq ft. While pricing plays a major role in your decision, what is also to be considered is it being economical and practical in the long term.

Pricing of Wooden Flooring

Here is a quick guide on how to care for your wooden flooring:

  1. Avoid using detergents and soap on wooden floors as it spoils the finish
  2. Be careful and clean all spills immediately, to avoid permanent stains
  3. Use rubber pads under all furniture to avoid the floor being scratched
  4. It is highly recommended to use a vacuum cleaner while cleaning the wooden floor
  5. Invest in regular polishing of the wooden flooring and also treat it regularly for termites.

While most of us admire and long to get wooden flooring done in our homes to add to the elegance and classiness of the space, we often wonder whether it is practical and easy to maintain. Keep these points in mind and go straight for the flooring of your choice. It’s your home, your haven!

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